About us

Packalén Bus is our family business in Sipoo, in the southern part of Finland. The company has been involved in the transportation business for more than 30 years and has been customer oriented ever since.

We offer bus transports both within and outside Finland to groups and associations.

Our service aims at being friendly, personal, and flexible.


The history of Packalén Bus goes back as far as 1990, when Rune Packalén made his dream of buying a truck come true. He founded his own company and started transporting liquefied petroleum gas and oil. Rune’s interest in vehicles was sparked in his childhood thanks to his neighbour, who was a truck driver and mechanic. Rune took every opportunity to join this neighbour in his garage and watched him repair different types of vehicles.


Rune graduates from Vasa tekniska läroanstalt, founds his own automobile repair shop and gets his license to drive buses. Rune also does his compulsory military service within the Finnish army’s transportation sector.


Rune buys his first truck and start transporting liquefied petroleum gas and oil. The company expands to include two trucks and two employees.


The company becomes a joint-stock, Kuljetusyhtiö Packalén – Transportbolag AB. Later, the trucks are sold, and Rune works as a bus-driver. He buys his first bus – a Mercedes for 17 people. He starts working full-time in his charter bus service.

Today our whole family is working for the company, with Rune as the CEO, and two other full-time employees as well as several bus drivers work on demand.

In good times and bad times

We want to thank our customers from the bottom of our hearts for the inspiration and encouragement we have received throughout the years. Thanks to this encouragement we have been able to expand our services over time. When economically hard times and personal tragedies have threatened both our personal health and the future of the company, your warmth and support have helped us to not give up and move on.

In 2014 we got a great acknowledgement for our work, and we were awarded in Sipoo with the prize ”The Entrepreneur of the Year”. The reason for this award was first and foremost for our customer service; and in addition to that, we were awarded for having adjusted and developed our company in challenging economical times.

The corona pandemic has been indeed one of those challenging times. We are grateful to our clients, partners, to friends and family, who have cheered us up throughout the process. We also are thankful to the Municipality of Sipoo who had made an effort to support entrepreneurs like us during these critical years.

Customers that return time after time, and people who tell us that they have felt welcome when traveling with us, is the best response we could ever wish for.

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