Together towards a sustainable future

Packalén Bus wants to be a part of the future.

We see that it is important that we, as a travel agency, work for sustainable development and future.

Taking the bus is climate friendly. We at Packalén Bus would like to see as many travellers as possible choosing the bus as the form of transport and that is why we put effort in both the journey and the well-being of our customers.

The well-being of our customers

The key to good customer services is being friendly.

In between our journeys, we want to stay in touch with our customers. On our Facebook-pages we share information about upcoming journeys and add photos and stories about our travels together. Building collective memories is important.

We see our company as more than a travel- and transport company. As a part of our local community we want to enable contacts and networks and create well-being among the inhabitants. The foundation of stable societies is built upon healthy members of the community and a secure environment.

Taking care of cultural heritage is an important part of climate responsibility. Travelling together is a good way of building social sustainability. Journeys shared with other travellers teaches togetherness and how to be in real and deep contact with others. Travelling together makes you interact and communicate and gives you new and shared impulses. All these together give insights in how to work together and respect one another. Travelling in a group is a beautiful way of learning new things and this is, especially focusing on children and young people, a great way of investing in our future.

Shared experiences are good for life quality and health, both physical and mental health and taking care of health is an important part of social sustainability.

Packalén Bus is supporting and sponsoring local projects, associations and teams, this with a special focus on children, young people and people in weaker positions.

A healthy and confident staff

As we want our customer services to be of high quality, we put an effort in investing in our personnel and the well-being of people working for the company. In everyday business, this means that we are available and accessible for the staff, whether they have minor or bigger issues that need to be solved.

Getting everyday life together is not always easy, family, work and leisure can be a struggle to handle. That is why we try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to working hours
and scheduling holidays.

It is important that our personnel feel that everyone is a part of this company, that it is possible to affect and develop different work roles and the company.

Security is an important part of our business, for both customers and our staff, and that is why we follow both driving and resting hours.

Education towards a greener future

Our drivers are in a key position when we are striving towards becoming a climate smart company. Our drivers are taking part in mandatory directive courses and are also offered the
possibility to further educate themselves in sustainable development on a vocational level. In addition to these, we also offer the drivers a different variety of online courses.

Taking care of our busses is an important part of being as climate friendly as possible. The knowledge, skills and sisu how to fix and repair is wide within the company and this is something we like to share with each other. We encourage our drivers to get to know the vehicles, how to drive in an economical and foreseeing way. By working with a longer perspective we can keep our vehicles in good shape and in traffic.

As the customers are the core of our business, the contact between them and our drivers is important. This is one of the reasons why we as a company underline the importance of soft values in our business. Staying healthy in both personal life and during duty is something we focus on as well as how to live through and embrace change, this as we want to be a part of changes facing us in the future.

The foundation of sustainability in society is to work together and support one and other and this is also our guide line both for the company and our family.

Taking the bus to a greener future

Every journey starts with the booking. In all steps, from booking to taking our customers home we strive to be as climate smart as possible. We plan our journeys and routes as effectively and climate friendly as possible. We strive to make joint journeys and routes are planned in ways that minimise the need of engine idling. The routes are planned to be as sensible and safe as possible.

The majority of our busses are of emission categories Euro 5 and Euro 6. We use RVS to reduce friction and wear and this makes the engines last longer.

When the buses need to be washed, a water wash is usually sufficient. If detergents are needed, ecologically degradable products are used. The buses are washed in the company’s
hall, which is equipped with oil separators in the drainage system.

Wherever possible, the company recovers, repairs and reuses parts. The company recycles rubbish and bottles left in the buses.

In our operations, we strive to be a paperless company, which means that the company saves paper and energy in areas such as invoicing and bookkeeping.

The company’s motto is to operate optimally and do our best even during exceptionally tight times.

Many people in the same vehicle, people with a common (travel) goal and well-filled buses – these are all positive acts for our common environment.


We are committed to the Sustainable Travel Finland programme and our goal is to earn the STF label.

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